Dave’s Lounge #3

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Some things to know about this week's show:

I signed up for Amazon Associates earlier this week. That means that if an artist featured on this show has a CD on Amazon, I will put a link to that CD in the show notes, and if you click on that link and buy the CD, you will not only support a great artist or band, but you will also help me pay for the web hosting for this show. (It's Liberated Syndication, so it won't take that many CDs, I promise…)

I'm considering doing the same thing for iTunes, but I'm not so sure I want to promote DRM-wrapped music, even if it does support the artists. What do you guys think?

This week's featured artist is Bird York, one of the few singer-actresses I've heard who can really sing. Her song “In the Deep” is the featured song in the new movie Crash, starring Don Cheadle and Sandra Bullock. It's also on her excellent CD, The Velvet Hour.

This week's playlist:

  1. Bird York, “Wicked Little High”
  • Planet Bliss, “Argon Light”
  • Aisth, “Holy Palmers”I'm cutting back to 3 songs for now to avoid running out of stuff to play in a few weeks. If I can get you listeners out there to send me some more good stuff, though, I'll start playing more songs per podcast.

    Enjoy the show!

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