Dave’s Lounge #5

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It's the beginning of the month, and if you know anything about podcasting, you know what that means.

Dozens of podcasters are out there begging for votes on Podcast Alley, everyone's favorite podcast directory. I'd love to jump into the top 50 on Podcast Alley as much as the next podcaster, but I refuse to get on the mic and ask people to vote for me. The whole system reminds me too much of MP3.com's infamous Million-Dollar Download program, where they divided a million bucks a month among all the artists, and everyone begged for downloads — not because their music was any good, but because they wanted to get paid. People did a lot of shady things to get downloads back then.

Of course, I wouldn't ask you not to vote for me, either, because being in the Top 50 on Podcast Alley is good publicity. In fact, if you enjoy the show, I would also encourage you to rate me at Podcast Pickle, another fine podcast directory. A fledgling podcast like this needs all the help it can get. Thanks.

Playlist for Dave's Lounge #5:

  1. Slovo, “Whisper (Last Chance Remix)”
  2. Dreaming Blue, “Eternia”
  3. Gaia13, “Trail of Funk”
  4. Love Spirals Downwards, “Psyche”

The Love Spirals Downwards track was requested by Brad McFadden of the Two Blind Squirrels podcast.

Enjoy the show!

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