Dave’s Lounge #10: The Artemis Special

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Welcome to a special edition of Dave's Lounge. A special welcome to new listeners who heard my interview on Podcast411. I know you're gonna dig this…

Artemis' new CD, Gravity, came out a few months ago, and there was no way I could pick just one song from that CD to play. So I had to give this woman her own show. I think she's that good, and I think you'll agree with me after listening.

I encourage all of you subscribers out there to buy Artemis' two CDs. You can find them both at Amazon for only $9.99 each. They will be the best music purchases you make all year…

Click here to purchase “Gravity” from Amazon.

Click here to purchase “Undone” from Amazon.

Playlist for Dave's Lounge #10 – The Artemis Special:

  1. “Beautiful Life” (from Gravity)
  2. “Supernatural” (from Undone)
  3. “Subterranean” (from Gravity)
  4. “Angel” (from Gravity)
  5. “Inception” (from Gravity)

Enjoy the show!

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