Dave’s Lounge #11

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Greetings, Daily Source Code listeners! Glad to see my little promo brought you to the Lounge. Feel free to take a look around and download any and all shows you see here. You'll find a lot of great music in past shows, so don't miss out! Collect 'em all and share 'em with your friends!

Thanks for the airtime…er, podtime, Adam. Now about that Trip Hop category on the Podsafe Music Network… (Cue C.C. Chapman screaming, “I KNOW! I KNOW! I TOLD YOU IT'S ON THE LIST, OKAY!?”)

Playlist for Dave's Lounge #11:

  1. Line, “Forward Thinking”
  2. Adrian Bond, “The Fall of the House of Pancakes”
  3. From the Sound City, “Escapee”
  4. Terry Vernixx, “22 Petals”

Enjoy the show!

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