Dave’s Lounge #22

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In case you were wondering, last week's connectivity problem was a result of a spat between two backbone providers. You can read about it here. Kind of sad that so much of the Internet can be disrupted by two feuding companies…

Regardless, here's hoping you're all back online and able to get Dave's Lounge. If you're having trouble… well, if you're having trouble, you may not be able to see this web page right now, but I do want to hear about it. Email me at daveslounge@gmail.com.

Playlist for Dave's Lounge #22:

  1. Echostream, “Just Kill Me”
  2. Daughter Darling, “Sad and Lonely” Buy this track at iTunes
  3. Full Blown Kirk, “Sleepy Venus”
  4. radium88, “The People with the Power” Buy this track at iTunes

Enjoy the show!

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