Dave’s Lounge #23: Endless Blue Listening Party

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This week, we're putting the spotlight on Endless Blue, a band formed in Minneapolis, MN, but now living in Milwaukee, WI. I've played tracks from their first CD twice before, but this show will feature several tracks from their new CD, “Smoke Through It,” which is available from the Dave's Lounge Shop. If you like what you hear, go and buy a disc. Each one is only $9.99 plus shipping, and every purchase will support both the band and Dave's Lounge.

Playlist for Dave's Lounge #23, all tracks by Endless Blue:

  1. “The Feeling” (From Smoke Through It)
  2. “Just Tell Me” (From Smoke Through It)
  3. “Lilacs” (From Endless Blue)
  4. “Low” (From Smoke Through It)
  5. “Goodbye” (From Smoke Through It)

By the way, the beginning of this week's show makes reference to last week's CBC Radio 3 podcast, in which Grant Lawrence returns following a lengthy labor dispute that locked him out of his job. You might want to listen to the beginning of that one first before listening to this one…

Enjoy the show!

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