Dave’s Lounge #25

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You wanted more music per podcast, and this week, you got it! Dave's Lounge #25 is a full hour of great downtempo tunes from great artists who have been featured on the last 24 shows. I'm also pleased to announce that future editions of Dave's Lounge will include more music every week and will be encoded at 128 Kbps instead of 112 for better sound quality.

This is a big thank you to all my listeners who have supported this podcast over the last six months, and I certainly hope y'all stop by again for the next 25. Your support and feedback makes this show worth doing every week.

Oh, and if you ever wondered about the background music I play on this show every week, check out the first song and the announcement that follows it…

Playlist for Dave's Lounge #25:

  1. Permanent4, “By Candlelight”
  2. Pan, “Some Thoughts Are Hard to Die”
  3. Daughter Darling, “Broken Bridge”
  4. Artemis, “Supernatural”
  5. Bent, “Sing Me”
  6. Aisth, “Holy Palmers”
  7. kikiwest, “Creeper”
  8. Line, “Forward Thinking”
  9. Mercury Sol, “Cup of Bitterness”
  10. Transient, “Pure-veg ninja blobby”
  11. 8mm, “Never Enough”
  12. Endless Blue, “Ninety-Nine”

Enjoy the show!

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