Dave’s Lounge #62

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Well, my internet connection at home isn't letting me upload files anywhere — strangely enough, downloading files isn't affected — so I had to upload this episode at a Panera Bread Wi-Fi hotspot this morning. I'm going to have a nice long talk with folks at Verizon later tonight…

A quick follow-up on Elevator, a band I played on last week's show. As I had expected, the group is no longer together, but its lead singer, New Zealand native Julia Grace, has embarked on a solo career. You can hear more of Julia's music on her Myspace page. As it turns out, Elevator was described by one writer as “a worship band.” I had suspected they might have been a Christian group, judging from the lyrics, but I didn't really know for certain, and really, the song itself was too good a fit for this show regardless. (Thanks for the info, Mario!)

This week's first artist, MoShang, was recently interviewed on The Chillcast with Anji Bee. Click here to check out that interview.

Playlist for Dave's Lounge #62:

  1. MoShang, “Next In Line” (feat. Sonja V.) Buy this CD at CD Baby.
  2. The Grooveblaster, “It's In Her Kiss” Buy this CD at CD Baby.
  3. Juliet Hotel, “The Unexpected Guest”
  4. The Svengali Project, “Purify”
  5. Sunburn in Cyprus, “Change”
  6. Under, “Under” Buy this CD at CD Baby.

Please support the artists by buying their music from the Dave's Lounge Shop, or by downloading their music from eMusic. Click here to sign up for an eMusic account through Dave's Lounge and get 25 free MP3s!

Enjoy the show!

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