Dave’s Lounge #70: Surprise!

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The snow began falling this morning in Durham, North Carolina, which usually shuts much of the city and surrounding area down. It degraded into rain by the afternoon, but that still gave me enough time to put together a quick show to make up for Tuesday's DSL outage. Hope you enjoy it.

Playlist for Dave's Lounge #70:

  1. Luz Mob, “The Selecter” Buy from: eMusic | iTunes
  2. Rena Jones, “Photosynthesis” Buy from: eMusic | iTunes
  3. Cling, “Slipping Away (Of the Darkness Mix)” Buy from: eMusic | iTunes
  4. Lovespirals, “Walk Away (Dminor remix)”
  5. Shanghai Restoration Project, “Miss Shanghai Revealed” (feat. Di Johnson) Buy from: iTunes

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Enjoy the show!

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Dave’s Lounge #70: Surprise! — 1 Comment

  1. I went back and listened to this show again, and I loved it…again.
    Keep up the good work, Dave.


    Bruce A. Ulrich