Dave’s Lounge #72

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All the music in this week's playlist comes from the Magnatune compilation Downtempo Chill by DJ Cary. The artists are all part of the Magnatune label, which promotes independent artists with a shareware-style "try before you buy" model. You can listen to entire albums on their web site and choose how much you want to pay for each album. It's a fairly unique model, and that's kind of a shame, really.

Click here for the full compilation.

In the interest of full disclosure, Magnatune is not paying me for any sales. They did, however, give me full access to their music catalog, which is podsafe, though you'll need to contact Magnatune to download MP3s for podcast play. Click here for more info.

Playlist for Dave's Lounge #72:

  1. Mr. Epic, "Rough and Tumble"
  2. Cargo Cult, "Re-entry"
  3. Drop Trio, "Slap Jack"
  4. Shiva in Exile, "Breathing"
  5. TranceVision, "Enertia"
  6. Falling You, "The Art of Possession"

Enjoy the show!

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