Dave’s Lounge #92: The Dream Sequence

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I wanted to share with you all a dream that I had last week. It was very vivid and very strange, and it's been puzzling me ever since I had it. If anyone has any idea how to interpret this dream, feel free to email me or to post a comment here on the web site. I'm very interested in what other people think might be going on inside my head.

Playlist for Dave's Lounge #92:

  1. Blood Ruby, “Sleepwalk”
  2. 8mm, “No Way Back”  Buy from: eMusic | iTunes
  3. The Silk Demise, “Bound”  Buy from: eMusic | iTunes
  4. Natalie Walker, “Right Here”  Buy from: eMusic | iTunes | CD Baby

Background Music:

  1. Rena Jones, “Photosynthesis” & “Driftwood”  Buy from: iTunes

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Dave’s Lounge #92: The Dream Sequence — 6 Comments

  1. thanks for the new show. really interesting and unusual. great story, and well told. i loved how the music fit the mysterious and slightly menacing mood (the natalie walker track at the end was amazing..)
    well maybe this interpretation is a bit too obvious but heres my thoughts: *putting on my wannabe psychotherapist hat*
    -the first part of the dream has to do with feelings of being somewhere in life that doesnt feel right– for example walking with a heavy burden through the rain. perhaps partly a consequence of your own choices (conscious or unconscious, such as ‘forgetting’ that you usually drive to work) and partly because of the pressures of society (being forced to go to work). even though youre uncomfortable with the circumstances, you try to play it off to those around you as if its what you intended all a long..

    -the mysterious gadget has to do with the deep feeling that you have something special– a unique talent, or something that sets you apart from others. but youre afraid, unwilling, or unable to use it or show it to others (such as the security guards). perhaps you fear that youll be outcast or even punished because of the gift. youre tired of being suppressed and you want to fight back against an unfriendly and hostile world, and maybe even rescue others who are also being suppressed. maybe a dramatic revolution is necessary… i got the feeling from the end of the dream that some sort of worldwide change had taken place because of your heroic actions.

    i think this dream also has to do with the usual paranoia of a oppressive dystopian future that society seem to be heading towards. maybe modern society is really doomed to turning out like Anthem or 1984, or maybe we just watch too many movies! šŸ˜‰

    well, thats my very obvious interpretation, id love to hear some more poetic or intriguing ideas from another listener..

  2. hi Dave,

    thanks for the great podcast. the dream you mentioned added some mysticism to it, i really liked it..

    well i know everyone has some vision about your dream.. i’ll put mine here.. it’s one of many, i don’t expect anyone to agree with that…

    the music often expresses our feelings, what lays within us, often define us.. i know it’s somehow your case, because your music is in many ways unique, and very unpopular, but yet great.

    so.. you wake up early. you need to get ‘connected’ to the world you live in. the urge of duty pushes you out of home, but your true nature refuses to follow the strict rules. the rain is more like an emotion, the backpack is something you just a set of garbage you have to get all the way to work, nothing you like, you don’t even care about that.. but you know it’s something you don’t want to do, something that is in contradiction with your real urge, with your desires.

    so you force yourself to leave, but you don’t take a car. you go, but you don’t want to.

    then you see the gadget, that actually tells you that you are three hours late – you’re behind the world you think you belong to. you can’t understand it, because suddenly it would turn out that the world you belong to suddenly does not care about you. you ask a friend of yours what this could mean, but he just confirms that you’re in trouble (in soft way)..

    finally you reach entrance to the sad daily duty world, something you don’t really have to like, but you do it anyways. you see last man entering – man who seem to be ‘almost too late’. you already know you’re too late, but you try it anyways… and here the problems start. you want to get into, because you used to be a part of the system that turns you into a gearbox.. but the system does not want you any more… instead you’re an intruder, because you failed the system, because you failed to be a part, and you actually became a spare, or perhaps broken piece.

    you fight.. the system eventually lets you in.. pretending that it cares.. as you walk the cordors.. you understand more and more that this world has nothing to offer.. it has expectations, but nothing else. it turns people into co-working modules, that feed it, that enable it to live.. you realize that and want people to realize that too. as you go ahead and do that, system wants to cut your way out off, maybe even silence you, you know you don’t belong there, you understood.. and you want to open people’s eyes..

    finally the story ends in a hospital bed. it is a good sign, even if the world pulls you down, you will recover, and you do have people who would follow you, who appreciate your work, who enjoy what you offer them. even tho you’re concerned about your own home, something may actually whisper in your head, that you have nothing to worry about. everything has been taken care of.

    everything in this world has its time and place. the things or ideas we create are often brilliant, but sometimes destructive.. and the less time we give them to become mature, the more destructive they are. i think i’ve learnt that when i started listening to your podcast. it made me somehow rediscover the music, it made me understand, that tools are things i am meant to use, not obey… and it has introduced a little changes to my life — i no longer force myself to follow the ‘trends’, the ‘process’ in life. i just don’t care. if the ‘process’ ruling this world is too ignorant to care about a single man, i don’t think it deserves to be admired in any way.. we are not machines — and we should finally understand that.

    well that’s about it.. thanks for another great podcast!!!

  3. Hi Dave,
    First I’d like to thank you for being courageous enough to share with us that which lies deep within you. I believe that dreams are a window to the soul and help us to understand our true paths.

    I also feel that the others have already given good interpretations of your dream, so instead I’d like to encourage you to continue on your quest for your truth and to dare to live your life as you know in your heart you could. I say “your” truth not “the” truth because we all experience life differently, as our beliefs form our realities. The only walls are in our minds. Walls melt when we believe they are melting.

    The door to your new life is now open, so it’s just a matter of daring to walk through the doorway.

    “Imagination is everything. It is the preview of coming attractions.”
    – Albert Einstein

    “Take the first step in faith. You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.”
    – Martin Luther King, Jr.

    When you come to the edge
    of all the light you know, and
    are about to step off into the
    darkness of the unknown,
    faith is knowing one of two
    things will happen;
    There will be something solid to stand on
    or you will be taught how to fly.
    – Anonymous