Dave’s Lounge #95: The Dive Index Special

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So I logged into my Myspace page one day and stumbled across a bulletin from Natalie Walker saying that she was involved in a new collaborative project. Naturally, if Natalie Walker is involved in anything, I'll listen…

The project is called Dive Index, and it's the electro-acoustic brainchild of producer Will Thomas, who also releases music under the name Plumbline. Folks, "Mid/Air" may be the best album I've heard all year. Thomas breathes some life into the typically glitchy IDM genre, and he blends it together masterfully with live instrumentation and fantastic vocalists. If you were a fan of Björk's "Vespertine," you will really enjoy "Mid/Air."

Playlist for Dave's Lounge #95:

  1. "Between Sky and Sea" (feat. Natalie Walker)
  2. "For Centuries" (feat. Cat Martino)
  3. "Second Guessing" (feat. S. Shaw)
  4. "Water In Our Hands" (feat. Cat Martino)
  5. "Hoko Onchi" (feat. Ian Masters)
  6. "The World Is Kind" (feat. Natalie Walker)
  7. Background Music: "Sole Fisherman" (feat. Merz)

Click here to purchase "Mid/Air" at CD Baby.
Click here to purchase "Mid/Air" at iTunes.
Click here to visit Dive Index on Myspace.

Enjoy the show!

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Dave’s Lounge #95: The Dive Index Special — 3 Comments

  1. Excellent show Dave … this is what podcast # 92 dream was all about “you were fighting to release your creative juice” -believe in yourself-