Dave’s Lounge #98

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I'm starting to get things together for episode #100, and I'd like to hear from you, the listeners. What's your favorite song from Dave's Lounge? Stop by DavesLounge.com and post a comment under this episode, telling me what song you most want me to play in #100. I'll pick 12 songs from your requests and play them in the big triple-digit episode.

It's been a few weeks since my last show, I know. I hope this one is worth the wait.

Playlist for Dave's Lounge #98:

  1. Rara Avis, "Medicine"  Buy from: eMusic
  2. Remy Sealey, "Dubomb"
  3. Version Xcursion (feat. Andrea Lucarelli), "Come Back"  Buy from: eMusic
  4. The Grooveblaster (feat. Yasi Baby), "Shame"
  5. Divasonic, "I Feel High"  Buy from: eMusic
  6. Sunburn in Cyprus, "In the Sunshine"

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Enjoy the show!

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Dave’s Lounge #98 — 38 Comments

  1. The best memories I have from the song ‘Sad and Lonely’ from Daughter Darling. This one really got me hooked on Natalie Walker and DavesLounge.

    All the best

  2. the original version of Di Johnston’s “Come Undone” really hit me. and of course Natalie Walker’s “Right Here” was quite a memorable moment from the dream episode…

  3. Natalie Walker’s songs were the ones to listen to!

    Natalie Walker – Waking Dreams,Quicksand

    Delerium – Innocente

  4. Any news from Toybox? Maybe a newer track of them would be nice 🙂 I loved the song “At Night”.
    My second pick would be “Hero of the World” by Mudville. Simply both traks are awesome! 🙂

  5. Happy Birthday!
    My favorite song? Don’t worry about that, I keep all your episodes so my favorites are right under my fingertips. 🙂

  6. plurgid: I’m afraid I won’t be able to play any Bird York on #100. She re-released all her material on an RIAA label not long after getting “In the Deep” in the movie “Crash.” (I actually wanted to play “Remedy” instead of “Wicked Little High” on #3, but Bird was hesitant to grant permission because of copyright issues with the song’s co-writer.)

    Please, everyone, keep the suggestions coming!

  7. I love anything Natalie Walker! one of my all time favorites is “right here”. Happy 100th, can’t wait!

  8. Of all the songs I would love to hear, I choose Natalie Walker’s “Red” and Peach Stealing Monkey’s “It is Not the Time.”

  9. cool, suggestions for machine love and aisth. i havent heard them in a long time, those would work great for retrospective trax.. i second the vote!

  10. I think DiveIndex serves best, noticeable production, sound quality and all…of course with Natalie Walker!!
    Anyway, I trust your taste and selections!
    Thanx, Themis, Greece

  11. Do you have any news from Bitstream Dream? Their MySpace seemed quite recent…
    Anyway, while agreeing with everyone else that Natalie Walker is a brilliant choice, I’d like to here something from Bitstream Dream again. (Even though I have all their albums…)

    Happy 100th show from me as well!
    And I’d have to say that I’m usually the first to digg your episodes, which is strange, as I rarely ever go to this type of websites.

    Keep up the good work! The Dave’s Lounge has always been the best place to chill out, so keep it open!

  12. Natalie Walker – Circles
    All India Radio (ft. Chloe Hall) – ‘For Angel’

    Congrats on your upcoming #100 !
    Keep the music going; this podcast keeps me sane from day to day ~

  13. Hi Dave

    I really enjoyed Belle Tropez, “Naked”. Other than that, pretty much any Natalie Walker song, Bitstream Dream (Walls, Whirlwind, Love me, Leave me, etc)

    Thanks for the great shows. Really helps me through the day when things get a little hectic.

  14. Love the lounge…was put onto you from a freind not so long ago…for the upcoming 100th my favourites would have to Delerium-Silence or Fauxliage-Rafe.

    Cheers Wellsy

  15. Hi Dave, I’m definitely voting for Angelicus by Delerium. Sent shivers down my spine the first time I heard it on 64th episode. Thank you for everything.

  16. One of the first episodes I listened to, they play Karmacoda’s song, “Turn” and I feel in love. Being a University student and having taken a Philosphy course, I was intregued by Dave’s blending of philosophy with music. I was also impressed with the Allen Watts episode. Please keep this one going, don’t let a good thing die!

  17. If you can remember that far back, I still enjoy Mudville, Blown (AJ Nuttal Remix). I could make a list but that’s my favorite 🙂 Happy hundred Dave, havn’t stopped listening since ep. 1

  18. All I want for Christmas is the 100th edition of Dave’s Lounge….Can you make it happen Santa (I mean Dave)?

    My favourite song by far comes from Dave’s Lounge #64: “Save the Music Fan”, and it is “Statues” by Moloko.

    Note: If anyone know how to buy a digital copy of it, that knowledge would be much appreciate it.

    It is so beautiful and music dynamic, I think it deserves a second play.

  19. Natalie Walker – Quicksand (Thievery Corporation Remix, mais bien sur!!) this one remains my all time favourite.

    Also, Dive Index – “Between Sky and Sea”

    Happy belated birthday, Dave!

    I can hardly wait for the 100th show

  20. 100’s of bugs. Toybox.
    Guess I need to go back and listen to all these other suggestions! I thought this was an easy one..

  21. Hi Dave, I´d love to hear “Between Exhales” by Pete Samples!
    Your show is great.
    Greetings from Germany

  22. It’s got to be anything by Natalie Walker. Both personally, and from the comments of others, it’s probably been the artist of the podcast series so far! She’s just awesome… when is she coming to the UK? Please, please please!

  23. Di Johnson from the Shanghi Restoration Project! The song Come Undone means a great deal to me. It reminds me of someone I love a great deal but can not be with. . .please include it.

  24. Besides Natalie Walker, which is certainly going to be in the show, and Di Johnston, I would like you to include Slovo – Empires Fall (ESF Remix).

    Happy #100! I hope that you can make it even better than #50.

  25. I have been a huge fan of Beauty’s Confusion and hope maybe playing some will get them to record something again. Falling is Great. So is the last title on the Breathe disc (not at home to grab it).

    Love the show. Has introduced me to a bunch of stuff I would never have thought to look up.

    Emusic member since ’02

  26. I’ve been out of pocket for a while, so I’m a little late with my list. But here’s my favorites from the last few months of shows. I won’t even mention Natalie Walker, since she seems to get high marks all around. I’ll just mention the stuff that I turned around and purchased for myself, if it was available –

    Delaware – Everything Changes (I adore this one)
    Under – The Cars Below
    Sutro – Temptress
    Ceu – Ave Cruz
    Minus Blue – Sunshine

  27. Happy Belated Birthday, Dave!! I’ve been an avid listener since your show count was in the teens and now it is nearly 100 episodes strong (congratulations!!). You inspire me to do my own podcast one day. Anyway, since listening, several songs have become favorites. This list of course includes Natalie Walker, but since she’s the glaring winner for the 100th episode, my request for those who also make the cut are the following:

    Stay out all night – Bent
    Come Undone – Di Johnston
    Plans – Raul Ramirez
    Target – Thes Ones
    Babylon of the Orient – The Shanghai Restoration Project

    Happy Holidays to you, Dave!!

  28. almost forgot! I would also like to put a vote in for Ceu- “Ave Cruz”.
    She is truly amazing and deserves to be heard again!