A Walk Down Memory Lane

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So I didn't really have a show put together for this week, but I didn't want to leave all of you empty-handed. So I thought it might be fun to take another walk down memory lane — something I did all the way back in Dave's Lounge #20, where I looked back at the halcyon days of MP3.com and some of the electronic music communities that sprung up around it.

If you're relatively new to this podcast, you might have missed this episode. Like all other back episodes not available on the feed, you can find it on the Dave's Lounge direct download page.


  1. Astronaut Wife, “Cape Canaveral”
  2. S.A. Fred vs. void, “Chillroom (S.A. Fred remix)”
  3. Permanent4 vs. Multi-Panel, “Mountains in the Distance (P4 Remix)”
  4. Red Joy Reid, “Cricket”

Background music between tracks:

  • S.A. Fred, “Drum and Bass Intelligence”
  • Red Joy Reid, “Lost Photo Karma”

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Enjoy the show!

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A Walk Down Memory Lane — 5 Comments

  1. ah man, i remember Astronaut Wife! i was totally in love with them ‘back in the day. i even bought their cd, which, unfortunately i didnt do often back then. thanks for the quick look at a few ‘golden oldies’ of internet music. funny how music from ‘the turn of the century’ can seem old….

  2. Dave, while I appreciate your Podcast a lot, I don’t quite get the reason for a re-run. Especially not in the modern age, where all episodes are available on-demand?

    You might as well have linked to episode #20 instead.

  3. I just wanted to say I disagree with the second comment here about replaying songs. Sure for a long time listener like him it’s just a re-run, but to someone who joined around podcast 70 it’s great. Gives me and similar people the chance to hear some of that great stuff you already played. Even if I heard it once before I don’t mind hearing it again after sometime. (Like ep. 100, one of my favs) It all depends on how you are intro-ing the song, and the theme of the episode.

  4. I concur with Brock!!

    I listen to Dave’s Lounge not just for *new* music. It’s like chilling out with the cool friend who’s got an awesome music collection. You know, you listen to some music and you chat a little, sharing stories or reminiscing.

    In this episode you shared some awesome stories that I doubt you’ve shared before. And that’s just cool.

    So, yes podcasts are now instantly re-accessible, but podcasts are “shows” in its entirety, not just chunks of songs linked together. Having *old* songs replayed in a different format creates a whole new enjoyable show.

  5. Going through some of your older episodes. And then I hear Astronaut Wife (again). Wow, that was nice.