Dave’s Lounge #123

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So I'm playing songs by Dive Index and Science for Girls this week, and it got me to thinking. I did a special episode for Dive Index, but I've pretty much scattered Science for Girls' music throughout multiple episodes, and I'm wondering which approach y'all like better. Feel free to leave a comment here with your thoughts.

By the way, that little voice in the back of our heads that I mentioned at the top of this episode? Mine's telling me that I really need to redesign this web site soon. Among other things…

Playlist for Dave's Lounge #123:

  1. Favard, "Emotion"  Buy from: eMusic | iTunes
  2. Alka, "Side of a Mountain"  Buy from: eMusic | iTunes
  3. Indidginus, "Unstuck"  Download from: Last.fm
  4. Di Johnston, "Epilogue (Reimagined)"  Buy from: eMusic | iTunes
  5. Dive Index, "Come Tell Me"  Buy from: eMusic | iTunes
  6. Science for Girls, "Pattern Recognition"  Buy from: eMusic | iTunes

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Enjoy the show!

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Dave’s Lounge #123 — 15 Comments

  1. hi Dave

    personally, i tend to like the usual ‘various artists’ mixes better. i listen to podcasts to discover new artists, so the more artists featured per show, the more likely it is that i’ll find something that i really love!

    nothing against the ‘feature’ shows, those are cool too, just my 2 cents

  2. I agree with travis. I like to listen for new music but every once in a while I like it when you spend a whole show on just one artist. You get a better feel for what their sound is like overall. I, for one, would not mind a feature show now and then.

  3. Hey Dave,

    I tend to enjoy the variety in your shows. Unless it’s
    a special artist, like Natalie Walker.

  4. I also prefer variety and a feature show now and then. În my opinion you have that right feeling to see when an artists deserves a feature show.

  5. I’m in favor of a little tease to get me interested followed by a special to really hammer it in. Much like the way The Atomica Project was done. I tend to listen to the podcasts over and over, sometimes the variety is nice but I also enjoy the specials when I’m in a certain feeling or emotion. Your narration is always a welcome addition to the line-up also. thanks Dave. nod.

  6. A tough call either way. But I’ll take the variety approach. I wanna hear different stuff in the morning as you ease me into consiousness. 🙂 Trouble with dedicated podcasts – if you don’t fancy the artists, then the whole podcast is a waste. With a mix, if you don’t like a song, there’s a different one around the corner. Plus, we have emails et al links. If we like asong, we can sample the rest of the album anyways and hear/buy more if we like…

  7. I guess I’m in the minority but I liked the specials. Those are the ones I listen to more frequently than the mixed ones. Especially if I like the artist.

  8. I think I agree with the view of “Dave you have the right mix” – that is a majority of variety, but when something real special comes along, then a special is definitely called for – I still listen repeatedly to the Natalie Walker special, even though I’ve got the album!

    Can’t wait for her special in August!!!!

  9. Umm… It IS July, isn’t it? The date at the head of this episode mentions April… ah yes, I remember April…



  10. i like the mixed shows , a full show of only one band is a bit too much of the same tunes, i think…

  11. Hello Dave, I discovered your podcast a few days ago, I am from Brazil, and I just loved it! The sequence of music that you play is fabulous! Excellent taste for music!

  12. i like the specials alot. i trust your judgement. Artemis, Dive Index, Cosmic Chill, Natalie Walker. All great. I have purchased the albums of every artists you tell me to via your specials. I am a daveslounge robot.


  13. Variety is good, but specials are awesome. As long as you do specials of really great artists and not really frequently, I think you should stick with the same format. Your shows already have a big variety of music and truly deserving pieces get “a special show”.