New Media Expo Photos

I've been meaning to get these photos posted here for a while, and here they are — just some of the many cool people I hung out with at the New Media Expo in Las Vegas last week. (Click on each image for a larger image.)

Hanging out with Roxanne and Shane (a/k/a Secret Cameraman) from Beachwalks with Rox.

Here's a larger photo of me and Anji Bee from The Chillcast and Lovespirals.

At the Wizzard Media booth with Rob Walch from Podcast411 and Today in Phone

…and with Elsie from Elsie's Yoga Kula.

This was taken at the Revision3 party with Charles Stepczyk, the new chief at Insomnia Radio.

Revision3 was well represented, with podcasting rockstar Veronica Belmont from Tekzilla

…and Sarah Lane from PopSiren.

I even got to meet John C. Dvorak! (Ha ha.)

Ariel Publicity‘s own Ariel Hyatt.

Rocking out at Coverville 500 with C.C. Chapman from Accident Hash.

As great as Las Vegas was, it was the people that made going to the New Media Expo so much fun. I hope I get the chance to do this again soon.

4 thoughts on “New Media Expo Photos

  1. Charles: No, I skipped the rides. As much as I enjoy a good roller coaster, those Stratosphere rides were a little too much for me.

  2. Hey Dave – had a great time on Sat. night getting. Still can’t believe Pav hiked over the fence right before we found a passage. lol Send me an email when you get a chance…

  3. great pix! i stole the one of us and splashed it around the internet and it’s so cool to see the comments from folks who subscribe to both of our shows. one guy even said we are the ONLY 2 podcasts he listens to!!!

    its too bad we didn’t have a way to make a show together while we were both in the same room…

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