Dave’s Lounge #143

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I recorded this show the night before a historic day in America — the inauguration of Barack Obama, the 44th President of the United States, and the first non-caucasian President in our nation's history. That's something many Americans (myself included) did not expect to see in our lifetimes.

Obama is a major proponent of volunteerism and service to others, and the more I see examples of this, the more I realize how little I've volunteered myself, and it makes me wonder if there's more I should be doing to help others, especially given the number of times I've said on this show that all we have is each other. For now, I can only hope that this little show has done its part to help make your day a little bit more enjoyable. It's a small thing, but I hope it's something…

Playlist for Dave's Lounge #143:

  1. Christian Erickson, "Away Too Long"  Download from: 3 Sided Singles
  2. Sambox, "Rising Sun"  Buy from: Concorde Avenue
  3. Steve, "Collors"  Buy from: Concorde Avenue
  4. Sutro, "Temptress (Tyler Stone's Forbidden Fruit Mix)"  Buy from: iTunes | eMusic
  5. san.drine, "La Neige (Demo Version)"  Buy from: SoundClick
  6. Endless Blue, "Healed"  Buy from: iTunes

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Dave’s Lounge #143 — 1 Comment

  1. Dave —

    I think we all wonder the same thing. Having listened to and subscribed to many podcasts…it is a known fact, that it is a labor of love. Please know, that your time and efforts are most appreciated in creating a truly wonderful podcast. One that I greatly anticipate each week.

    Thank you!