Dave’s Lounge #153: The Chillcast Sneak Attack

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A note from Anji Bee:

“Everybody needs a day off once in a while, even Dave. So I thought I'd stop in to musically reminisce about the good old days when Dave and I first met online. Now with the demise of CNET's Music Download, these bands are getting even harder to track down…

  1. Captain Ginger, “Sun Down”
  2. Elekoustic, “Until Tomorrow Comes”
  3. EchoVent, “Dignity Lost”
  4. Misnomer, “My Mistake”
  5. Sudaka, “Flow”
  6. Bitstream Dream, “Elusion”

“Please check out Anji's weekly chillout music podcast, The Chillcast, and her twice monthly Chillcast Video Edition, over at http://www.anjibee.com.”

A note from Dave:

“Anji Bee is teh awesomeness. That is all.”


Dave’s Lounge #153: The Chillcast Sneak Attack — 5 Comments

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  3. I was Echovent, put a smile on my face reading this, nice selection of tunes, I enjoyed immensely

  4. Sun Down is also on Saki’s soundcloud! I love how he added his voice + Graeme Hamilton’s laugh in the beginning. Unique way to introduce such a nice piece 🙂