Bitstream Dream: Gone, But Not Forgotten

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To this day, I still don't fully understand why Rom DiPrisco decided to pull all the music he recorded under the band name Bitstream Dream from the web. My guess is his new career as video game soundtrack producer began taking up all of his time, and he didn't want to set expectations for new Bitstream Dream material in the future. After all, if making music is already your full-time job, you might want to do something else to blow off steam.

That said, I still wish Rom had left some trace his Bitstream Dream work out there, if for no other reason than for archival purposes. It's one thing to pull the music out of online stores — that sort of thing usually costs money to keep up — but to leave almost no trace of the project seems like such a waste. If nothing else, just point the domain to a page saying the project is no longer active and provide a link to an archive of the music. Why try to erase art that was once part of your life?

Of course, it's his art, and he can do what he wants with it. (And if nothing else, I just found out he did leave Spiralglide up on eMusic.) That said, Dave's Lounge is my show, and if I want, I can share an old episode full of Bitstream Dream music. Because it's worth sharing.

It's been a crazy week here — parents' anniversary, work-related functions, dumping Verizon DSL for Road Runner, lots of football, etc. — and I'm still trying to sort through a backlog of music submissions. New music returns next week. Promise.

Playlist for Dave's Lounge #35:

  1. Bitstream Dream, “Rising Sun”  Buy from: iTunes | eMusic
  2. Bitstream Dream, “Phantasma”
  3. Bitstream Dream, “Kite Flight”  Buy from: eMusic
  4. Bitstream Dream, “Walls”  Buy from: eMusic
  5. Bitstream Dream, “Darkest Hour”
  6. Bitstream Dream, “Whirlwind”  Buy from: eMusic

Background tracks

  1. Bitstream Dream, “Downtown”
  2. Bitstream Dream, “Dectri”

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Bitstream Dream: Gone, But Not Forgotten — 16 Comments

  1. i know, i know… such a sad little mystery. i am so bummed i didn’t buy the cds when he was offering them on his site. i guess i just assumed they would always be there. i just have a small stash of songs, many of them in 128 mp3 format. 🙁

    i have to say, though, that this is not the only online band i was in that has dropped off the web. i guess sometimes folks just want to start a totally new chapter of their life and feel the need to close the book on an old topic.

    i should probably respect this and delete my songs from, too, but its very hard for me to do.

  2. Anji, if you have any rights at all to those tunes, deleting them is the absolute LAST thing you should do. There’s no reason for good music to disappear from the web like this.

  3. I think I was one of the few who bought Cds from Rom’s website…I have 4 Bitstream Dream CD albums, and one Machineries of Heaven cd. Were any more released?

  4. I used to be a huge fan of Bitstream Dream in 2003 and 2004 and just recently rediscovered my collection of 128 mp3s on an old hard drive. Sorry to see that it’s all gone, but I’m glad I got it when I did!

  5. having been busting thru all of the back episodes of Dave s lounge- i have absolutely been digging Bistream and would pay a pretty penny to get everything they put out- just sad that i cam across this podcast and anji bees too late to get ahold of them

  6. Hey I have 4 discs of his ripped from when he sold them. If he’s selling them I do not wish to ruin the sale of his music. But I do have them if people were interested. Back Catalog, Connected, Integration, and Spiralglide

  7. In the days of I wrote to him and he kindly burnt a disc for me of my fav song which he said at the time he was surprised I’d requested coz it was all his early stuff. My favourite is still Je T’aime which I still play regularly.

  8. Hey ya Mike same here with, I used to use some codes n download them without paying a penny of the website as far as I could remember (sorry Rom I was just a poor uni student at that time..)… I can’t believe it’s been 10 years back already! I have all of his old stuff on my old hard drive, also when with Machineries of Heaven.

  9. I still come back to this particular episode every once in a while (especially to hear the original Walls mix.) Great stuff…