Dave’s Lounge #186

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As if the new releases this year from Artemis, Mouchette and Lovespirals weren't enough, yet another old friend of the Lounge brings us new music this week. The Atomica Project's new album, The Non-Affair, is now available on iTunes, and songs from that album bookend yet another fine selection of tunes.

Playlist for Dave's Lounge #186:

  1. The Atomica Project, “Blur and Gray”  Buy from: iTunes | eMusic
  2. Alex Theory, "Voodoo Dub"  Buy from: iTunes | eMusic
  3. Rachel Fine, "Mine Is Yours"  Buy from: iTunes | eMusic
  4. Kush, "Love Is The Currency"  Buy from: iTunes | eMusic
  5. Lu Angel, "Grains of Sand"
  6. Film Noir World, "Lost (ft. Lisa Rider)"  Buy from: iTunes | eMusic
  7. Phylum Sinter, "City of Memories"  Buy from: iTunes | eMusic
  8. Calima Shatiday, "Hour by Hour"  Buy from: eMusic
  9. J. Boogie's Dubtronic Science, "Leave It All (ft. The Rebirth)"  Buy from: iTunes | eMusic
  10. The Atomica Project, "The Non-Affair"  Buy from: iTunes | eMusic

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Enjoy the show!


Dave’s Lounge #186 — 3 Comments

  1. I love these podcasts. been a fan for a while and havent been able to listen to them lately im so glad to have daves lounge back in my life

  2. Fantastic show this week. Keep doing this Dave.
    Your fan since Brocken Bridge