Feature Rewind Week: Dive Index, “Mid/Air”

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It was Natalie Walker who informed me about Dive Index, the brainchild of minimalist electronica producer Will Thomas. Dive Index's debut album, Mid/Air, combined IDM glitch with quality songwriting in a style somewhat reminiscient of Björk, yet still sounding like nothing else I had ever really heard before. This was my favorite album of 2007, and I do hope Will gives us a sequel soon.

Click here to visit Dive Index's web site.
Click here to buy Mid/Air on iTunes.


  1. "Between Sky and Sea" (feat. Natalie Walker)
  2. "For Centuries" (feat. Cat Martino)
  3. "Second Guessing" (feat. S. Shaw)
  4. "Water In Our Hands" (feat. Cat Martino)
  5. "Hoko Onchi" (feat. Ian Masters)
  6. "The World Is Kind" (feat. Natalie Walker)
  7. Background Music: "Sole Fisherman" (feat. Merz)

Dive Index also released a remix album called Collisions, which is also available from on iTunes.

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Feature Rewind Week: Dive Index, “Mid/Air” — 1 Comment

  1. I bought “Mid Air” after first hearing this episode. One of my favourite indie releases. Natalie Walker’s contribution, “The World is Kind” is staggering. It causes a swell of emotion and desire to repeat it immediately. I don’t get that from many songs. There’s a nice video for it on iTunes, too. Interesting visual concept.