Feature Rewind Week: All India Radio, “Fall”

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All India Radio, the musical brainchild of Australian Martin Kennedy, has been a mainstay on this show since I first played "For Angel" way back on Dave's Lounge #29 in December of 2005. It was the 2008 release of Fall, however, that took All India Radio to another level. Kennedy teamed up with vocalist Leona Prue and a handful of great musicians to put together one of the best downtempo albums of 2008 and possibly the entire decade. This one's going to be hard to top. Here's hoping Kennedy doesn't stop trying.

Click here to visit All India Radio's web site.
Click here to buy Fall on iTunes.


  1. "Far Away" 
  2. "Let Me Remain" 
  3. "The End or Near" 
  4. "Fall" 
  5. "Asphyxiated" 
  6. "Morning Drops"

Don't forget to check out Martin Kennedy's collaboration with The Church's Steve Kilbey, Unseen Music/Unheard Words, which is also available from on iTunes.

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