Feature Rewind Week: Lal Meri, “Lal Meri”

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Lal MeriCarmen Rizzo is one of those producers whose influence has been as quiet as it is omnipresent. He's produced music for big names like Alanis Morrisette, Seal and Coldplay, while at the same time creating lush electronic soundscapes with Dave's Lounge visitors Delerium and Azam Ali. He was one-half of Povi, a sadly slept-on duo who only released one album on Nettwerk Records. So when he teamed up with Nancy Kaye and Ireesh Lal to form Lal Meri, it shouldn't have surprised anyone that their self-titled debut album was such a standout. This is a trio that's going places.

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  1. "Borders"
  2. "Dreams of 18"
  3. "More Songs for the Moon"
  4. "Bad Things"
  5. "Sweet Love"
  6. "Give Me Your Light"

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