Dave’s Lounge #236

Didn't get a lot of response to my question of the week last week, so I'll throw it out there again: What music services are you currently using to listen to and discover new music? I'm especially curious as to how many of you out there use Pandora, Spotify and Rdio — and if you don't use services like this, why not? Leave a comment here in the show notes and let me know.

Playlist for Dave's Lounge #236:

  1. Mindex (feat. Christina Sofina), "Dream Big”  Buy from: iTunes
  2. ES-K, "Rockin'"
  3. Losing Rays, "One Day (Morning Mix)"  Buy from: iTunes
  4. All India Radio, "Hotel Madras (Remix)"  Buy from: iTunes
  5. Ta-Ku, "Hard To Imagine"  Buy from: Bandcamp
  6. Aurganic (feat. Jessica Stuart), "Pleasure Addict"  Buy from: iTunes
  7. allMeadow and RobCostlow, "Reunion"  Buy from: iTunes
  8. Blind Divine, "Virtuous"  Buy from: iTunes
  9. Thomas Lemmer (feat. Lena Belgart), "Is It Too Late (Stray Theories Remix)"  Buy from: iTunes
  10. State Azure, "Another Halcyon Day"  Buy from: iTunes
  11. The Atomica Project (feat. Isabella Farrell), "The Beauty"  Buy from: iTunes
  12. Kyler England, "Battle Cry"  Buy from: iTunes

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Dave’s Lounge #236 — 23 Comments

  1. I use Pandora at work sometimes, but I've kinda gotten into a rut with it. Some of the 'stations' I have don't have very much variety. I know it's based on my likes, etc. so maybe I need to be more flexible. I have Sirius radio in my truck, and the Chill station I listen to is OK. iTunes will occasionally recommend stuff based on my searches. That's about it. I don't really listen to local FM stations in ATL area any more. Looking at the Podcast recommendations you have, I may need to try a few to get some more/new 'flavor' in my music.

  2. Guess I was late to the party on this one! So here's a long answer.
    I find quite a bit of new music on music podcasts – Dave's Lounge and the Chillcast are my current favorites. I used to get a lot of interesting new stuff from the Daily Source Code until the format changed away from podsafe music. I use Spotify quite a bit to find new stuff from artists I already know, and I sometimes run across artists I've never heard before on Pandora… but most of my music recommendations come from people I know. I have some friends with very eclectic taste in music and an amazing ability to find new stuff, I love when they share new artists or songs with me. I also listen to local (Denver) radio quite a bit, I'm an EMT and spend most of my work day driving. It can get a bit repetitive and I don't specifically use it to find new artists, but I have fallen in love with some songs I first heard on the radio.

  3. Hey Dave, being overseas (Korea now) Pandora et al are only available on my home computer through my US proxy.  I am certain that there other options, but I don't really search for them.  I have not been outside Asia since 2008ish, aside from a trip to the US and back every once and again, so long story short I get my fix from you and a few others.  Back in 2005-6 I used the old and overpriced yahoo radio service.  I would write down the track info of songs I liked on a post it note and try to find them where I could.  Needless to say; I bought a lot of compilation CDs,

  4. Pandora mostly; very well done iphone app and integrated into my Sonos system.  I have Spotify and use it to listen to specific music I think i might want to purchase. Glad they added a Pandora like radio feature to their website but they really need to do that to their iphone and ipad apps. 

  5. Sorry for my English and hallo from Russia! 🙂 I do not use none of this list includes. I opened Dave's Lounge 1 year ago. The music for myself, for my soul. Hear it on iTune's podcasts. Perhaps, you'll say man are you crazy? You are just listening Dave's lounge? I'll tell you man! I cant hear you! Sorry! Just this music in my headphones! Thanks Dave!

  6. Hi there! As I'm not an Apple fan, I tried to find other ways. I registered to PayPlay.fm a few years ago because I didn't need to pay subscription fees. Basicly I try to avoid these kind of costs and prefer to spend money the day I want to buy something.
    As for all, finding new things is really time consuming, therefore I listen to my local radio in Switzerland and use Android/TuneIn to listen to smoothlounge.com and browse sometimes the radio channels with a location or style criteria.
    Anyway, your lounge is still no.1 for me! Go on like that! 🙂

  7. I use Radio Paradise, Spotify, Chillcast, XLR8R podcast, and NPR. Spotify is my way to see if I only like open song by the artist, or if I should be paying attention to them more. 

  8. At home, I use Slacker Radio on my Blu-Ray player, mainly because it's the easiest one to use (I had trouble with Sony's weird registration system). The variety there is great, and I've bumped into a few new artists via Slacker Radio. At work, I use Pandora, but I'd hardly say that I "discover new music" there: it's all very familiar (and often very pop) stuff. Occassionally I'll find a new side project of someone that I didn't know about, but that's about it. Mostly, I rely on Dave's Lounge and The Chillcast with occassional dabbling in other podcasts. Well, that and friends.

  9. Mostly SOMAFM radio, teenage daughters, one or two chill and lounge podcasts,  browsing Itunes links from yours and other internet radio  shows….. the "people who liked this also bought … links G

  10. Hrmm… Seems to be split down the middle between people who do use Pandora & Spotify and people who don't. Perhaps it's a matter of people who know about certain music podcasts or streaming radio stations prefering to go with those over the services that most of my Facebook & Twitter pals are using.

    The idea behind Pandora, Spotify & Rdio, of course, is that they're music recommendation engines. Your friends like this, so give it a listen. People who liked this also like that, so give that a listen. Perhaps this is all that a good music podcast is? A more personal form of music recommendation engine? After all, what's the role of a DJ if not to get you excited about the music he's playing?

  11. I discover new music through Last FM and YouTube. A lot of bands I find on Youtube I'll later purchase the singles for through iTunes.
    I also find a lot of good music through local [paper] zines – in many cases, they'll include the artist page where samples of their work can be found. (If not, if you search for them on Youtube, you can usually find music by them.)

  12. Hi Dave.
    I used to listen to Yahoo Radio a lot.  I tried Pandora, and I've come to the same conclusion as some other listeners, it very quickly gets 'stuck in a rut' and tends to play the same stuff over and over again.  Spotify is great, but I need to have something specific in mind.  I've only just tried listening to  a couple of their album-based channels.
    Otherwise, If I'm looking for the good stuff, I go straight to Digitally Imported, or SomaFM.  And you and Anji, of course!

  13. Over the past several years, my podcast listening has changed, along with the way I listen to music. I used to despise terrestrial radio, but I find that having a teenage daughter requires me to at least know what is being played.
    I used to listen to a number of music podcasts, but right now Dave's Lounge is the only one I listen to regularly. I really like the format of your show, and I still find that the reason why you started it is what keeps me coming back.
    As for other music discovery, I've been spending some time this year at Turntable.fm, which is a very cool way to listen and share music from all kinds of genres. I've enjoyed hanging out in the Chillout rooms, spinning many tunes I first came to know here at Dave's Lounge, and have even got to hear other music.

  14. Pandora for sure. I've found (and bought) TONS of new (to me) music there. All of my "stations" eventually converge on The Beatles, De La Soul or Explosions in the Sky. I do not understand this, LOL.
    That being said, it's like a DJ's secret weapon. I've got so much oddball stuff in my collection that I found via pandora, that when I play a gig people are always like "damn where'd you find that?".
    Nothing beats the human touch though. No 'bot will ever put a thoughtful DJ out.
    Which is why I love Dave's Lounge so much. It's so authentic, so perfect. Don't ever stop, man. You're doing it right!

  15. I use Spotify mostly for discoring new music: I like the way you can browse from one artist to another, and from one user to their likes in music and further. I've hooked it up to my last.fm account (as well as all my itunes plays, including this podcast), so every now and then last.fm recommends me some good music recommendations which I then again use as input for some Spotify browsing…
    I don't think the human touch can be underestimated, though, since a lot of times the starting point of my exploration on Spotify is music my friends tell me about

  16. I listen to pandora at my salon, only because we need to have a wide variety to appease all music tastes. But, I've been listening to your podcast since episode 3, and it always puts a smile on my face when I recognize a song on pandora that you have introduced me to. I love your passion for what you do..keep it up! 

  17. Hi Dave, I’ve been using the blog aggregator The Hype Machine for years and love it. Once in a while I use NPR, Last FM, and just started listening to Slacker Radio. I like the station The New 40. Last but certainly not least your podcast. I just discovered it last month and absolutely love it. Especially. #236. I run to it all the time.Thank you so much!

  18. I use Pandora, but not too often because it drains the battery power on my phone.

  19. I've been enjoyng Grooveshark, ReverbNation, Spinner, SHOUTcast, MySpace, NPR's All Songs Considered, and, of course, Chillcast.  ReverbNation is especially good for finding up-and-coming local artists.  I used to use Pandora, but didn't like the ads, the repetition of certain songs, or that it doesn't have many smaller/local acts.