Dave’s Lounge #266

Dave's Lounge Music Podcast #266Cut through the noise of your everyday craziness with a bit of calm from the lounge this week, as we spotlight the new Bust Free 13 compilation from our pals at Cold Busted, showcase a new artist on the Sine Music label, and share a late request sent in by a longtime listener for a song sung by one of Natalie Walker's old bands.

Incidentally, Natalie is hard at work on her next album, incidentally, and I hope to have some new tracks from her to play for you soon.

Playlist for Dave's Lounge #266:

  1. Softwaver, "How Soon Can You Be Here"  Buy from: iTunes
  2. Blue In Green, "Big Band Theory"  Free download from: Cold Busted
  3. Buzzfaber, "Faster"  Buy from: iTunes
  4. Quadraphonic Sound Project, "You're Already Gone"  Free download from: Soundcloud
  5. *Tricky, "We Don't Die"  Buy from: iTunes | eMusic
  6. Th.e n.d, "Shiny Purple Circle"  Free download from: Free Music Archive
  7. The Jackmen, "Souvenir de Salina"
  8. Marsbeing, "Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow"  Buy from: iTunes
  9. Mathieu & Florzinho, "Maha Amba"  Buy from: iTunes | eMusic
  10. Overthink, "The Secret Is Safe"  Buy from: iTunes
  11. *mister T., "Warm Days" Free download from: Cold Busted
  12. The Flavor Foundation, "I.F.E. (In Full Effect)"  Buy from: Bandcamp
  13. Zetandel & Irina Makosh, "Somewhere"  Buy from: iTunes | eMusic
  14. Mouchette, "Cherry Tree"  Buy from: iTunes | eMusic | Bandcamp

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Enjoy the show!

Dave's Lounge #266


Dave’s Lounge #266 — 4 Comments

  1. Hello Dave,

    I always love your opening words! So true… Too easy to get lost from ourselves nowadays …

    The first track is amazing (Softwaver) and I also adored the Marsbeing, “Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow”.

    I been listening to you since 2008… You seem to be an old friend …

    Kind Regards,

    Nina Cartaxo

  2. Good afternoon, Dave,
    Long-time listener Andrew here. I have been trying to download this off and on for a couple of weeks. It downloads OK, but when I try to play on my computer or ipod, I get 3 notes, then it ends. I thought the 3rd time would be the charm, but alas, no luck. Any thoughts?