What’s Happening At Dave’s Lounge

What's this? Oh, y'know, just a viral video sensation hanging out with a podcaster and his future wife. (And guess which one of them forgot to turn the flash on?)

Dave, Kawehi, and Melissa

I had the opportunity to see Kawehi perform live in Raleigh last Saturday. The energy she puts into her performance is just tons of fun to watch. Also, her Ableton Live skills make me feel like a caveman rubbing two sticks together while she's cooking with gas. I've got a long way to go.

I've captured some video from her Raleigh show here:

Check out her tour dates on her web site, and when you meet her, tell her Dave sent you.

Meanwhile, if you're waiting for the next episode of Dave's Lounge…

  • Show #301 is in the can! You can hear it first on BeatLounge Radio on Sunday, January 25, at 6:00 PM ET / 2300 UTC.
  • The episode will hit the podcast feed on January 30, though it might get to the Dave's Lounge App a bit sooner.
  • From here on out, all show notes will include timestamps, so you can see when a particular song was played.
  • This is the first episode in which I announce what each song is after it's played, rather than before. Do let me know how you like that  format.
  • There is new music from Natalie Walker in this episode. Yes. I'm rather stoked.

One more thing: Dave's Lounge is no longer accepting Bitcoin donations, but will continue to encourage the use of Dwolla where I can. (I think I received a grand total of 0.02 BTC from that experiment, so no big loss.)

That's all for now. For more updates, follow Dave's Lounge on TwitterFacebook, and Ello.

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