Dave’s Lounge On The Radio #23: Crossing Streams

Dave's Lounge on WHUPThe October 9 broadcast of Dave's Lounge was my first live show back in the WHUP studio in about five weeks. It was also the first time I attempted to do a live Facebook video feed of the show from the studio. Sadly, I could not post that video to the show's Facebook page, thanks to the site's Content ID system flagging a song I played. (And I won't be playing anything from that band anymore on this show, either.) Still, the video chat was fun, and I suspect I might do it again soon.

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Playlist for the October 9 broadcast of Dave's Lounge on WHUP:

(00:00) Kawehi – Bloodstream
(07:16) MICHL – Tell Me The Same
(11:06) Big Wild – Invincible (feat. iDA HAWK)
(14:12) Sqz Me, Nori & Ill Chill – Vivid
(17:28) Manatee Commune – Be Still (feat. Marina Price)
(21:59) JANXX – Change
(26:06) Psy'Aviah – Alcubierre Drive (feat. Kyoko Baertsoen)
(30:38) Nina – Beyond Memory
(36:07) Torii Wolf – 1st
(41:13) Torii Wolf – Shadows Crawl
(43:45) Funky Destination – The Ocean Of My Mind
(48:32) Boogie Belgique – Goodnight Moon
(54:07) Poldoore – Midnight In Saigon (feat. Astrid)
(59:50) Captain Supernova – Only One (feat. Jackie Gage)
(1:03:02) KR3TURE + The Human Experience – A Little Deeper (feat. Kelly Koval)
(1:07:34) Rykard – Artificial Sunshine
(1:11:45) Abyssal – Pulsate
(1:16:54) Kin Klave – Mantissa
(1:20:07) Dominik Pointvogl – Ducati Sunset
(1:26:55) Tor – Days Gone
(1:31:17) Thomas Lemmer – Lost (feat. Tina Sona)
(1:34:55) Submotion Orchestra – Red Dress
(1:40:28) Data Romance – Can't Keep Your Mind Off
(1:43:52) Natalie Walker – With You (Dive Index Remix)
(1:48:18) Quadraphonic Sound Project – Hands

Enjoy the show!

Dave's Lounge On The Radio #23

4 thoughts on “Dave’s Lounge On The Radio #23: Crossing Streams

  1. Dave,

    I really liked this episode….Some tunes were WOW ….. Janxx was cool,a little wild….. KR3TURE + The Human Experience – A Little Deeper (feat. Kelly Koval) was really a nice vibe….But Nina – Beyond Memory just took my breath away ……..



  2. I didn’t even notice this comments section icon until now. The comments appeared to be hidden when you switched to being on the radio.

    Anyway, like you mentioned on air, the track “1st” by Torii Wolf is what I would call epic, great beats and lyrics.

    The Tor track was a pleasant addition. I always like Boogie Belgique mixed in too.

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