Dave’s Lounge On The Radio #32: Back for 2017!

Dave's Lounge on WHUP
The first show of the new year arrived a week later than I would have liked, in part because central North Carolina took the brunt of a winter storm that kept roads icy for an entire weekend and made it impossible for me to drive to the radio station. Given the amount of great new music in this episode, though, that ice storm might have been a blessing in disguise for all of us…

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Playlist for the January 15 broadcast of Dave's Lounge on WHUP:

(00:00) Prinze George – Wait Up
(06:17) Bonobo – No Reason (feat. Nick Murphy)
(13:31) Trace – Heavy Shoulders
(17:10) Royale – Eternal
(19:59) Kid Koala – Adrift (feat. Emiliana Torrini)
(26:16) Ella Vos – Down In Flames
(29:22) Firas Tarhini & Daisy Spratt – Same Sky
(32:57) Bonehider – Potion
(37:16) Ruby Wood – Prelude
(43:40) Honors – Over
(48:02) Illenium – Afterlife (feat. Echos – Dabin Remix)
(54:22) Jour – American Nightmare
(58:48) David Keogh – Ascension
(1:04:19) Mister T – Ballroom
(1:08:06) Funky Destination – Where Are The Blues Brothers
(1:11:42) Anna Morley – Heightened Senses (Thomas Prime Remix)
(1:15:14) Nick Zlonis – Breakmusic
(1:18:43) Terracotta Blue – My Time Part II (feat. Emily Ehrens)
(1:24:39) Nikitch – Glory Bells
(1:30:01) Alivvve – You (self-released single on Bandcamp)
(1:35:24) Rykard – Ictis (Luminosity)
(1:39:07) Yair Albeg Wein – Spitfire Seduction (Demented Sound Mafia)
(1:46:05) Aisth – Pearls (Silent Queen)
(1:50:04) Merge of Equals – As The Sun
(1:54:41) Natalie Walker – Nothing Lasts Forever

Enjoy the show!

Dave's Lounge On The Radio #32


Dave’s Lounge On The Radio #32: Back for 2017! — 3 Comments

  1. I know January is almost over, but nonetheless Happy new year Dave!

    Natalie Walker is classic. I never get tired of “Nothing Lasts Forever.” Outside of that song, my favorite from this show was David Keogh – Ascension.

  2. A wonderful start of the new year Dave! Loved the show!
    As for my favourite song, it must be Merge of Equals—As the Sun.