Background Music

Every week or two, I get an email from a new listener asking about the music I play in the background while I'm talking.

The original background song, which I've brought back for 2010, is called “By Candlelight,” and it's actually a song I wrote and recorded in 2003 under the name Permanent4, which is a nickname I've used on a variety of online messageboards. When I came up with the idea for Dave's Lounge, I thought the song would be a good fit for the show.

“By Candlelight” is now available from the following online music stores:

You can also download “By Candlelight” for free from Soundcloud, TheSixtyOne and Last.FM. Some of those sites also have a few originals and remixes I recorded back in the day. If you're a podcaster, you can grab a copy of “By Candlelight” from Mevio Music Alley to play on your show.

And yes, one of these days, I will get back to making music again…

In 2009, I decided to introduce a different song to use for the background music. The song is called “Chillroom,” and it's by an Australian electronic musician known as void. The song itself was actually released in 1999, and you can download it for free from void's archives.