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UPDATE (11/29/2016): A big thank you to all the podcast listeners who supported the show this month! Thanks to you, I'll be able to continue sharing Dave's Lounge as a podcast through the end of 2017. 

If you enjoy receiving Dave's Lounge as a podcast and would like to help me cover my web and podcast hosting fees, please use the links below to make a small donation via PayPal, Dwolla, or Bitcoin. (If you use Dwolla, you can donate up to $10.00 with no fees attached for either of us.)

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You can also support the show by buying the Dave's Lounge App for your smartphone or tablet. The Dave's Lounge App offers streaming access to every episode of the podcast and features bonus episodes not available on the main feed. The Dave's Lounge App is available for these platforms:

Thank you for your ongoing support of this show, and thanks for bearing with the transitions it has taken in 2016. Your support of the show, both moral and financial, has been what's kept it going for so long, and I would love for it to keep going.



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