Dave’s Lounge #15

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A couple of things about this week's show:

First, I was planning on launching the Dave's Lounge CD Store this week, but I'm still waiting for Liberated Syndication to get back to me regarding a support issue. Hopefully, this will be resolved in time for next week's show.

Second, in show #2, I played a track by Bitstream Dream called “Whirlwind.” It was actually a collaboration between Bitstream Dream and Beauty's Confusion, who is featured in this week's show. “Whirlwind” actually ended up on Beauty's Confusion's CD, Breathe In. You can purchase that track from iTunes by clicking here.

Playlist for Dave's Lounge #15:

  1. Beauty's Confusion, “The Wrong Way” Buy this track at iTunes.
  2. Get In Line, “Movie Star”
  3. Mad Influence, “In the Dark”
  4. Melinda Miller, “Secret”

Enjoy the show!

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