Dave’s Lounge #14: The Treo Special

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This may be the single geekiest thing I have ever done…

Two weeks ago, I purchased a Palm Treo 650. I've been lusting after this smartphone for almost a year now. It's my first smartphone, not to mention my first Palm. So what better way to celebrate the arrival of my first Palm with a show that features downtempo tracks created entirely on Palm PDAs?

All of this show's tracks were created with Bhajis Loops, a portable music sequencer for Palm OS. You might not know that from listening to some of them, especially the stuff by Transient, who has released six Palm Cuts collections on archive.org. There's some really good music within Palm Cuts.

Playlist for Dave's Lounge #14:

  1. Transient, “pure-veg ninja blobby”
  2. Dr Dr Aardvark, “soochi”
  3. Motor Mind, “Paper Army”
  4. Transient, “Symphony for the Isotropic Rabbit”

Enjoy the show!

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