Dave’s Lounge #35: The Bitstream Dream Special

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This week's show features some great tunes from the electronic music collective Bitstream Dream. I've played their tracks a few times before on this show, but after hearing their new album, Spiralglide, I knew I had to do a full show featuring their music.

Bitstream Dream is currently selling Spiralglide in MP3 format (256 Kbps) on their web site for only $4.99. You can also buy their entire music output — 4 full-length CDs in MP3 form — for only $14.99. Not a bad deal, eh? Click here for more information.

Playlist for Dave's Lounge #35:

  1. “Rising Sun” (from Spiralglide)
  2. “Phantasma” (from Integration)
  3. “Kite Flight” (from Spiralglide)
  4. “Walls” (from Spiralglide)
  5. “Darkest Hour” (from Integration)
  6. “Whirlwind” (from Spiralglide)

Background tracks

  1. “Downtown” (from Connected)
  2. “Dectri” (from Connected)

Enjoy the show!

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