Dave’s Lounge #36

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Y'know, I really didn't think I'd get sucked into the Winter Olympics this year, but I did. It's actually been kind of fun to watch all these different sports that we usually never see in America except every four years. I'm not sure I could enjoy watching skiing and luge on a regular basis, though…

I hope this mix warms you up a bit during those cold February nights…

Playlist for Dave's Lounge #36:

  1. Kmotiv, “One After Five” Buy this song at iTunes.
  2. Bethurum, “Bad Luck Drifter” (feat. Michele Kahzak) Buy this song at iTunes.
  3. DJ Eric Ill, “Gut Feeling”
  4. Danny K, “Speech”
  5. Bethurum, “Snow Blinded”
  6. Line, “1 Night in Tokyo”

Enjoy the show!

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