Dave’s Lounge #48

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This note goes out to anyone with web design experience. With Dave's Lounge #50 just around the corner, I would like to spruce up this site a bit, so I'm looking for anyone out there who can whip up a better looking LibSyn template than the one I've got in place here right now. A few people have emailed me about this in the past, but please email me again and let me know if you're still interested in helping out. Thanks.

Playlist for Dave's Lounge #48:

  1. Natalie Walker, “No One Else” Buy this song at iTunes.
  2. Jette-Ives, “Darker Than You”
  3. PolyGroovers, “Desoulate”
  4. The Flavor Foundation, “Multidimensional Consciousness” Buy this song at iTunes.
  5. Kristin Mainhart, “Turn the Other Cheek” Buy this song at iTunes.
  6. Ekayani and the Healing Band, “Une Fille Qui Parle De Ses Desires” Buy this song at iTunes.

Enjoy the show!

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