Dave’s Lounge #59

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It's been kind of a crazy week. Can you blame me for turning to the Tao Te Ching again for this week's opening?

Several tracks from this show are featured on the Aniligital Music compilation All Your Beats Volume 2, a follow-up to the cleverly titled All Your Beats Are Belong To Us. If you sign up for an eMusic account through Dave's Lounge, you can get this excellent compilation in DRM-free MP3 format, plus 12 additional MP3s from eMusic's huge catalog of independent artists, absolutely free. If you already have an eMusic account, click here to hear samples of all 13 tracks.

Playlist for Dave's Lounge #59:

  1. Cling, “Haunt You”
  2. Nick Zlonis, “Breakmusic”
  3. Prehensile, “Slow Motion Sandwiches”
  4. Tal M. Klein, “Roll Me Over” (feat. Hilary Hightower)
  5. Danny K, “Never Again” (feat. Sarah Millyard)
  6. Danny K, “Silence Between the Words”

Enjoy the show!

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