Bitstream Dream Redux

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I just got back yesterday from a long weekend road trip to Virginia Beach, and I have to be honest with you — I really don't have the energy to do a show tonight.

I didn't want to leave you empty-handed this week, though, so I thought you might enjoy an encore presentation of the Bitstream Dream special I did back in February, in part because Rom Di Prisco, the leader of the collective, was nice enough to grant me permission to use a song from Spiralglide, their latest CD, for another project I'm developing. If you've signed up for an eMusic account through Dave's Lounge, you can download Spiralglide from eMusic by clicking here. However, you can also purchase a higher-quality MP3 copy of that album directly from the band for only $4.99. Click here to find out how.

Playlist for the Bitstream Dream special:

  1. “Rising Sun” (from Spiralglide)
  2. “Phantasma” (from Integration)
  3. “Kite Flight” (from Spiralglide)
  4. “Walls” (from Spiralglide)
  5. “Darkest Hour” (from Integration)
  6. “Whirlwind” (from Spiralglide)

Background tracks:

  1. “Downtown” (from Connected)
  2. “Dectri” (from Connected)

New music next week, I promise. See y'all then!


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