Dave’s Lounge #64: Saving the Music Fan

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You cannot imagine how stoked I am to bring you this week's show.

Last week, I secured permission from Nettwerk Records to play one song each from two of their artists — Ivy and Delerium. You may recall that Nettwerk broke away from the RIAA last January and decided to fund the defense of a music fan sued for sharing files over the Internet. At the time, Nettwerk CEO Terry McBride declared, “Suing music fans is not the solution, it's the problem.” The label then decided to sell MP3s through its online store, Werkshop, and submitted a large portion of its catalog to eMusic.

Nettwerk didn't have to work with me when I contacted them, but this is a forward-thinking label, and I'm thrilled to play their artists on this show. I sincerely hope this won't be the last time a Nettwerk $artist gets played on a podcast. Be sure to support their Save the Music Fan campaign, because music lovers shouldn't be penalized for sharing culture.

Ivy and Delerium aren't the only recognizable names on this week's show. Moloko and Morcheeba both popped up recently on the Podsafe Music Network. Is your music up there yet?

Playlist for Dave's Lounge #64:

  1. Ivy, “Worry About You” Available on eMusic
  2. Delerium, “Angelicus” Available on eMusic
  3. The Winston Giles Orchestra, “We Wait For Sunrise” Available on eMusic
  4. Groovecatcher, “Further From Home”
  5. Moloko, “Statues”
  6. Morcheeba, “Wonders Never Cease”

If you're not an eMusic subscriber yet, click here to sign up for a free trial eMusic account through Dave's Lounge and get 25 free MP3s. Sign up before November 21, and you can get 40 downloads a month for only $9.99. It's a great way to support both this podcast and independent music.

Enjoy the show!

One thought on “Dave’s Lounge #64: Saving the Music Fan

  1. Dave. This is one of my favorite episodes. I come back to it over and over. Keep it up. Thanks. Carl

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