Next Show Delayed


I was all set to go with show #90 when my laptop decided that it didn't want to recognize the existence of my M-Audio Firewire 410 sound module anymore. I have no idea why this started happening tonight, as it wasn't a problem before, and I suspect it will take a few software reinstalls to fix it.

My apologies for the delay. I'll try to get this settled as soon as possible.


Next Show Delayed — 4 Comments

  1. When are you going to give up the PC nightmare you are living through and make the switch? đŸ™‚
    You are a dedicated content producer who should have a more reliable, pain-free system. You should really consider moving over the the sunny side of the street and get a Mac. I feel like you make posts like this way too often.

    I make this suggestion in the spirit of kindness, friendship and appreciation for all you do and all you advocate. I hope you accept it in the same spirit, Dave.

  2. I have to agree with Matthew. It pains me to hear of all the technical difficulties and reinstalls you have to endure, when you could work on a Mac where everything Just Works.

    I’m a Mac guy not because I hate PCs or anything. I just like to spend my time creating what I intend to create instead of pretending to be an IT guru.

    Hoping this doesn’t spark a comment platform war…


  3. Dave,

    I loved #89 so much that I listened to it all week. Like a million times. I bought Pacha Massive immediately. So, I am happy to get to tell you that before I feel the same way about #90. I did check the site to make sure there wasn’t something jacked up about my Itunes. Thanks for all you do.


  4. Dave, great work. Your taste and intuitive way of programming the right mix of music is impeccable. Keep it up. As for the Mac stuff…..yeah, I’m on a Mac….but you know, whatever works for you, man. I wouldn’t care if you programmed in Cobalt. It’s all about the music. That’s all.
    My favorite episode? #35. the Bitstream Dream Special. Takes me away, man.