“By Candlelight” Now Available on Amie Street


Earlier this week, a couple of people purchased “By Candlelight,” the theme song/background music for Dave's Lounge, and neither of them were able to download the song. Clearly, something has gone wrong with the Payloadz system I had been using.

So I've decided to offer “By Candlelight” and a couple of other songs I wrote a few years ago on Amie Street, a new social network for music that prices songs by their popularity. These songs will be free to download in the beginning, but as they grow in popularity, so will their price.

If you like these songs, I'd appreciate it if you would download them and give them some recommendations to others. Also, if you know of any bands on Amie Street that I should check out, feel free to point me in their direction. Thanks.

Click here to go to my Amie Street page.


“By Candlelight” Now Available on Amie Street — 2 Comments

  1. thanks a lot! i was hoping to find some info about this track in earlier episodes; i just got to #75 when you mentioned that amystreet šŸ™‚

    just bought it, it’s almost free šŸ™‚