Return of the Laptop Gremlins


The laptop audio went haywire again last night. I am once again in the process of reinstalling Windows and other software. (I've gotten pretty good at it, too.) I should have things straightened out here by the end of the week, by which time Dave's Lounge will resume its normal schedule.

I almost put another old episode in the feed here tonight, but I didn't want to do that so soon after the last one. You can download past episodes here.

4 thoughts on “Return of the Laptop Gremlins

  1. Sorry to hear of your laptop problems, Dave (computers, doncha just love them…? as they say – apparently!). Dave’s Lounge is so worth waiting for that I suspect people would be prepared for you to re-invent the microchip till the next show… 🙂

    best wishes to you,

    Northern Greece

  2. I’m having problems with computers, too. My laptop just won’t power up. It’s only seven years old and has my whole digital life on it. The last time I archived its contents was last August. Maybe it is something with the moon’s position in the sky…….

  3. Something that it sounds like would help you in the future would be to load everything on to your computer and then create an image of it. I’m sure you know what images are… and maybe not. If you don’t let me know and I can give you some tips on programs that would do what I was talking about. I would even be willing to purchase you a copy of True Image which is one of my favorite imaging programs out there.

    This way Davesloung would have no down time at all. =)

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