Dave’s Lounge #25 Revisited

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So I was planning on saving this encore of Dave's Lounge #25 for next week, when I will probably be sleeping off my weekend excursion to Virginia Beach, but the 100-degree heat here in North Carolina has slowed me down considerably, and not wanting to leave y'all without music this week, I figured now was as good a time as any to revisit this hour-long milestone episode.

A few notes about this show:

  • “By Candlelight,” the theme song to Dave's Lounge, is now available exclusively from Amie Street.
  • When episode #25 was first released, Musetta was still known as Pan.
  • Natalie Walker left Daughter Darling to pursue a solo career just weeks after episode #25 came out.
  • About one-third of the podcasters included in that bumper halfway through the show are either no longer podcasting or have moved on to new online projects.
  • Gasoline in America was about a dollar per gallon cheaper than it is now. Heady days, huh?

By the way, I know I mention this in the show notes every week, but any past episode you don't see on the iTunes feed is available on the Dave's Lounge direct download page. You can also stream every episode of Dave's Lounge right here on this web site.

Playlist for Dave's Lounge #25:

  1. Permanent4, “By Candlelight”  Buy from: Amie Street
  2. Musetta, “Some Thoughts Are Hard to Die”  Buy from: eMusic | iTunes
  3. Daughter Darling, “Broken Bridge”  Buy from: iTunes
  4. Artemis, “Supernatural”  Buy from: eMusic | iTunes
  5. Bent, “Sing Me”  Buy from: eMusic
  6. Aisth, “Holy Palmers”
  7. kikiwest, “Creeper”
  8. Line, “Forward Thinking”
  9. Mercury Sol, “Cup of Bitterness”
  10. Transient, “Pure-veg ninja blobby”  Free download
  11. 8mm, “Never Enough”  Buy from: eMusic | iTunes
  12. Endless Blue, “Ninety-Nine”  Buy from: iTunes

Not an eMusic member? Click here to sign up for a free 15-day trial and receive 25 free MP3 downloads, plus 30 MP3s a month for only $9.99. It’s a great value for indie music lovers and a great way to support both the artists and this podcast.

Enjoy the show!

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2 thoughts on “Dave’s Lounge #25 Revisited

  1. I’ve always wondered what the name of your theme song was. Now I can finally get it!

    I also brought the remainder of the Permanent 4 album on amiestreet. so awesome being able to add it to my music collection.

    Can I have some more sir? 😛

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