Revisiting East Meets West

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A couple years ago, I stumbled upon the work of the late Alan Watts, a 20th century writer and speaker who helped to popularize Eastern philosophy with Western audiences. You can hear more of Watts' speeches by subscribing to the Alan Watts Podcast.

This encore episode combines the words of Watts with the music of MoShang, who also combines Eastern and Western ideas. MoShang's remix compilation, Asian Variations, was released under a Creative Commons license, and you can get a free copy for yourself at

Playlist for Dave's Lounge #93:

  1. Viba, “In the Orchard Lies a Secret (MoShang Bonsai Mix)”
  2. Gordon's Suitcase, “In Development (MoShang Asian Elaboration Mix)”
  3. Big Red Devil, “The Wicked Thoughts of You (MoShang Asian Space Mix)”
  4. Toao, “Slush (MoShang Bubble Tea Mix)”
  5. Brad Reason, “Cruisin' ‘Round Second Life (MoShang Do Re Mix)”
  6. André van Rensburg, “You and Me (MoShang Under the Speaker Tree Mix)”
  7. Akihiko Matsumoto & Chage, “Missing Pages Soundtrack (MoShang Upstream Downstream Mix)”

New music returns next week, when I'm not so sleep deprived and not so annoyed at Giuseppe Rossi. I'll get over that soon. Honest.

Enjoy the show!

4 thoughts on “Revisiting East Meets West

  1. Thanks so much for reposting this, Dave. I’m honored that you used my musical collaborations to underscore Watts’ ideas. Just for the record, it’s my favorite episode of any podcast ever!

  2. You know what Rossi’s doing Sunday? Watching.

    This mix is fantastic. Well done to all concerned.

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