And Now, Random Ramblings About Michael Jackson

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So I had a lot on my mind over the weekend, much of it tied up in the recent passing of Michael Jackson, and for whatever reason, I just decided to sit down and talk about it. I didn't write any of this down beforehand, so I don't think it came out quite the way I wanted it to, but there was no point in trying to make it better. After all, at some point, perfectionism becomes the enemy of art…

Thanks for bearing with me here. I'll put a regular show together next week.

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And Now, Random Ramblings About Michael Jackson — 4 Comments

  1. Hi Dave,

    I’ve been listening to your show for a while now and have been meaning to say thanks for doing your part in promoting such an excellent genre of music.
    This show though inspired me to write because as I listened to your experience with Michael Jacksons Thriller album. It almost mirrored my experience with the album too. I would sit for hours and hours as a 12 year old, in front of my stereo, with the headphones on and the lyric sheet from the album in my hands trying to sing it.
    I tried so hard that my sister still to this day makes fun of it, and thats what it was… Thriller and in particular Michael Jacksons music it sort of made us all feel innocent and when you are innocent you can lose all your worries and it allows you to move to such a higher level of enjoyment.

    It’s too bad that Michael couldn’t seperate reality from fantasty and so made himself vulnerable to forces outside of his fans.

    As far as music goes he was a genius and hopefully history will allow this to be the piece that is remembered.

  2. Hey Dave,

    I had a chance to listen to your most recent post that contained your reflections on Michael Jackson and well, I don’t think you could have done a better job on it, despite your honesty about not writing it down before the show. I’m not as old as you and John (I was a tiny 3-year old when Thriller was released), but eerily I could relate to just about everything you said, including the comparisons and contrasts between Prince and MJJ. I too identify with the perfectionist of MJJ, though at times wish I had the verocity of Prince to just put it all out there more frequently. But there’s something extra special about a work of art that so fine-tuned and unflawed that it’s result is an utterly timeless musical nirvana matched by no one. Thus, this is so the spirit of MJJ.

    Like many of us, the news of his death over a week ago has caused an unexpected feeling of loss and longing in more ways than one. Marathons of his various short films make me appreciate his creativity, his intent, his diligence, and his perfectionism even more than during my childhood. The reception of fans around the world reminded me of how one figure, one man lived the life of 1,000 men in only 50 years. We should all be so lucky.

    The more footage I see about his past in its entirety, the more I truly believe his presence was purposely meant to be other-worldly, for better or for worse. Not all of us was ready for it. Not all of us could keep up. Not all of us could understand it. But in the end, I think all of us agree that someone like this comes around only once in our lifetime, yet like Michaelango, he will continue to live on for eternity, most particularly when that DJ puts on Billie Jean.

    (yes Dave that ending was for you. Keep up the great podcasting and MJJ, may you finally rest in peace!!).

  3. I’ve only recently discovered your podcast and I have been enjoying it thoroughly but when I saw your topic on Michael Jackson I thought about the girl behind me at the grocery store buying up all the “collectable editions” off the magazine racks about Michael and I felt a twinge of “you wouldn’t let him live in peace and now won’t let him die in peace” (not you specifically of course) But your words were so much more personal and emotional and intelligent about how we should see Michael for what he accomplished rather than how often he was accused of things that, to me, were really not in his nature at all. This moved me more than anything else I have seen or heard about his passing. Great job Dave…………Thank you.

  4. Well, Bill, most people dont experience music, they just bye and listen to it, like you are buying a pencil, or a shoe. Just to have it!
    I really regret how MJJ ended his life, and I agree with all that was writeen here: this wordl donta accept different people. And for sure MJJ was a very different person, in a boring wordl!