Dave’s Lounge #173

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There are many people who will tell you I'm a little obsessed with songs that have female vocalists. To which I reply, "Yes. And here are some more songs like that…"

Playlist for Dave's Lounge #173:

  1. Moto, "She's Everywhere"  Buy from: iTunes
  2. The Angel, "Ultra Light (ft. Jhelisa)"  Buy from: iTunes
  3. Weather Pending, "Midlands"  Buy from: iTunes | eMusic
  4. Shine, "Hawai"  Buy from: iTunes | eMusic
  5. Pacha Massive, "Right Now"  Buy from: iTunes | eMusic
  6. The Disco Builders, "Don't Look Back"  Buy from: iTunes | eMusic
  7. Astronaut Wife, "Pedestal (Doric Mix)  Buy from: iTunes | eMusic

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Enjoy the show!


Dave’s Lounge #173 — 2 Comments

  1. Aloha Dave!

    Even before you mentioned Rox and I after you played Shine’s “Hawaii” this show had already become one of my recent Dave’s Lounge favorites!!

    I have 155 Dave’s Lounge episodes in my iTunes and a Smart Playlist that just keeps adding them as they arrive.

    I don’t know how you keep doing it but they just keep getting better and better!!!

    Aloha Bruddah,

  2. Good to hear from Astronaut Wife again and I have to thank you from the absolutely fabulous introduction to Moto. (: