Post Your Favorite Songs of 2010 Here!

When I planned out episode #100 of Dave's Lounge, I wanted to include input from the listeners. The end result was a two-episode mix of all the listeners' favorite tunes. It worked out so well that I decided to do it again a year later, resulting in the 2008 Yearbook. It's been a part of the show ever since.

Therefore, it's only fitting that episode #200 of Dave's Lounge will also serve as the 2010 Yearbook — an extra-long mix featuring the favorite songs of Dave's Lounge listeners from all of this year's shows.

Want to be a part of the mix? Just post a comment on this page with your favorite three songs that you heard on Dave's Lounge in the year 2010. I'll take your submissions and compile them into a nice long end-of-year mix that will carry you through until the lounge re-opens again in 2011.

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Post Your Favorite Songs of 2010 Here! — 18 Comments

  1. Hello!

    I am a big fan of your show from the Turks and Caicos Islands. I tell you my favorite song this year, the one that really broke my heart was Tal M. Klein’s ‘Without Her’ — I think this is one of the best songs of the year period. I also loved Bluetech’s ‘Change’, and Headphonism’s ‘Guidance’.

    Thank you so much for all that you do!!


  2. Hi Dave, thanks for the marvelous hours of great music you give us!

    Well, those who I loved are:

    1. The Atomica Project, “Forecast”
    2. “More Songs for the Moon” Lal Meri
    3. “No One Else” Natalie Walker

  3. Hey Dave,
    It’s definitely hard to choose my favorites from 2010, but these songs inspired me to download or buy a bunch of new music…

    Tang Kai, “I Will Lead You Home”
    David Keogh, “Endless Winter”
    The Atomica Project, “Forecast”

    Thanks for the music this year, and Happy New Year a little early! I hope you’re celebrating a worthwhile year gone by and looking forward to another.

  4. Hi Dave!!
    I’m a big fan of your podcast, actually it was the 1st podcast I’ve ever subscribed. The music, your comments and everything about the show it’s great! I’m from Mexico and it’s really hard to hear or find this kind of music on the music stores, so thanks.

    My favorite song from this year play-list was “Nicole Ya No Baila Aqui” from Clorofila, I’m her fan and I love this song. Other of this year’s favorite is from Natalie Walker is called “Urban Angel”.

    thanks for continuing this podcast, and wish you marry xmas and a fantastic new year!!

  5. My favorite songs have been (not in order) Dive Index, “Love Like Ghosts,” and Mouchette, “Sixer,” and January, “Where Do You Put Your Heart,” and Phylum Sinter (feat. Tamara Findlay), “Before The Sun Blinds Us,” and Mouchette, “Throw Down.”
    My favorite podcast of the year was #184. I’ve listened to that on your site (as opposed to iTunes) probably 50 times.
    And I agree with the other comments, particularly that Natalie Walker is serious business.
    Please don’t stop this podcast. It’s my go-to music podcast. I say that personally and as an ex-longtime music critic. You’re doing an awesome job, and we who listen have great faith in your taste.

  6. Dave,
    Congratulations on another fabulous year – still one of the podcasts I most look forward to.
    #193 was a monster collection, in that how it all hung together. Since I have to pick one, the song from that set that still stands our for me is Joanna de Seyne, “Still Can’t See The Sun”
    The other song from that set is The Atomica Project, “Forecast”
    Outside of that, a big fan of School of Seven Bells-“Half Asleep”
    Looking forward to 2011!

  7. Hi Dave.
    In my opinion, the episode #193 is the best of 2010. Under (Under) and Slovo (Killing me) are simply the best!
    Even in episode #187 I enjoyed listening to Mark Khoen (The morning air).

    Dave, be strong and continue like that! In Italy we download your podcasts.


  8. Ivy, “Worry About You”
    Di Johnston – Love in a Movie
    Brownout, “Slinky (Tal M. Klein Remix)

    Many special thanks for most enjoyable evenings, and many more to come.
    Im sad for two week period it takes you to produce a new show, but better to wait ….

  9. I always enjoy your podcasts – thank you for another great year of music! My favorites from the shows this year are

    Hungry Lucy – Sunday Smiled
    Lal Meri – Sweet Love
    Joanna de Seyne – Still Can’t See the Sun

    I look forward to another great year in 2011. Thank you again.

  10. Hi Dave,

    I’m from Brazil and fan since 2 years ago, when i got my first ipod. I go to my job by enterprise’s bus and your podcast is the great one that make me relax on the travel.I’m a good music seeker and feel very glad to participate this great moment of your program. Thanks and here goes my playlist:

    Natalie Walker: No one else, Quiksand.
    Sonic Adventure Project: “Hollow (Sine Remix)”


  11. Hi Dave,

    Thanks for all your wonderful podcasts. I enjoy so many of your songs, but I don’t always get a chance to write them down. However, of the few that I have written down (plan to purchase) or purchased, it is hard to only pick three. That said, here are my three:
    1. Mouchette – “Cut The Tie” (or any of them really!)
    2. Pocket – “Jars of Fireflies”
    3. Film Noir World – “Lunatic’s Desire”
    Honorable Mention: School of Seven Bells – “Half Asleep” (One of the few I actually bought!)

    “Hollow” was really good from the last episode too! Thanks for picking such great music!


  12. Phylum Sinter (feat. Tamara Findlay), “Before The Sun Blinds Us”

    Schizoid Club, “Outlaw”

    Kush, “Love Is The Currency”

    Klangstein, “Destiny”

    Sonic Adventure Project, “Hollow (Sine Remix)”


  13. Hey There. I have many favorites from the year but just wanted to included my #1 top favorite.

    My pick is Colorpulse – “The Real You”. This was from show #195.

    What an absolutely brilliant song by such a great group and such amazing thought provoking words from Alan Watts! Was very thankful to the podcast for introducing me to this song.

    “Your Breathing, The Wind Is Blowing, The Trees Are Waving, Your Nerves Are Tingling”

    … Awesome 🙂

    Keep up the amazing work with Daves Lounge!

  14. I love Dave’s Lounge!!! My favorite new artists is Mark Clifton, I hope to hear more songs from him in the lounge. Painting Frequencies was absolutely beautiful !!! It’s music that creaps inside you and electrifies the blood. My favorite songs are:

    Mark Clifton – Painting Frequencies
    Tal M. Kleins – Without Her
    All India Radio – Ghost Song

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