Post your favorite songs of 2011 here!

When I planned out episode #100 of Dave's Lounge, I wanted to include input from the listeners. The end result was a two-episode mix of all the listeners' favorite tunes. It worked out so well that I decided to do it again a year later, resulting in the 2008 Yearbook. It's been a part of the show ever since.

Therefore, with 2011 coming to a close, it's time to start compiling the 2011 Yearbook — an extra-long mix featuring the favorite songs of Dave's Lounge listeners from all of this year's shows.

Want to be a part of the mix? Just post a comment on this page with your favorite three songs that you heard on Dave's Lounge in the year 2011. I'll take your submissions and compile them into a nice long end-of-year mix that will carry you through until the lounge re-opens again in 2012.

For more updates on the show, follow me on Twitter. (@daveslounge) And as always, thank you for listening, and thank you for supporting Dave's Lounge.

21 thoughts on “Post your favorite songs of 2011 here!

  1. Dave,

    About the songs for the year book, 2 came imediatly to my mind; they were on same episode:

    Jo Hamilton – Pick me up

    Sarah Fimm – Invisible Satellites!

    Regards from Brazil!

    Nina Cartaxo

  2. Huge fan of Jk Soul’s You Give Me Happiness, Fudge X’s On the Beach, and Polished Chrome’s Remember Me. Thanks.

  3. Leaving Richmond ~ What were we waiting for?
    David Keogh ~ endless winter
    Anji Bee ~ Put some music on

    Thanks for all the music you bring into my world!

  4. wohtucson: Just FYI, “Endless Winter” was in the 2010 Yearbook, so it won’t be in the mix for this year.

    Also, I’ll be sure to let the folks at Cold Busted know about all the votes that JK Soul tune has gotten so far. =^)

  5. 1.Pancha Massive – Don’t let go
    2. The Submarines – 1940 remix

    Seasons Greetings Dave, i don’t comment nearly as often as i should. But i just wanted to say Thank You for another glorious year of music exploration, discovery, & reflection. This podcast is an amazing show i’ve had the pleasure of tuning into for the past 3 Yrs. Keep up the good work Dave.

  6. 1. Lazy Hammock, “You Light My Mind”
    2. Matisse & Deeper Sublime, “Long Way Home”
    3. Anji Bee, “Love Me Leave Me (feat. Bitstream Dream)

    Thanks for the good work and great promotion of all the artists in your shows.

  7. 1. Dragon and Rosebud – “Tired Traveller”
    2. Thomas Lemmer – “Is It Too Late?”
    3. Kendra Morris – “Concrete Waves”

  8. sorry dave, my girlfriend gave me the tip, only to vote songs from the last year. so, here they are:

    1) The Submarines – 1940 remix
    2) Dive Index, “Burn Their Bodies”
    3) All India Radio, “Ghost Song” <- already on the yearbook 2010 but sooo good!

    Gundula voted:
    1) Setsuna, "24 Frames"
    2) Melodic Brothers, "Melankholia"
    3) Joey Fehrenbach, "Underwander (Little People Remix)"

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