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Dave's Lounge Music Podcast

I'm still working through my jet lag (and my gambling losses) from last weekend's epic trip to Las Vegas, but I wanted to post a few updates here:

    1. If you missed my set at the Las Vegas Fusion Exchange — which got a fantastic response from the dancers in attendance — you can download it here. That set is also available on the Dave's Lounge Premium Podcast and the Dave's Lounge App for iOS and Android.


  • Speaking of the Dave's Lounge App, the 2012 Yearbook Add-on, which was previously available on the Premium Podcast only, can now be streamed on the app as well. (Yes, the same song starts both the Yearbook Add-on and the Fusion Exchange set. That's because it's very good.)



  • A big thank you to everyone at NMX 2013 for putting on such a fun and informative conference. I had a blast, and I picked up a lot of useful knowledge along the way, much of which I hope to incorporate into this podcast in the coming months. You can still see my notes from NMX on my Twitter account, though you'll have to scroll down a bit.


First episode of 2013 will be out next Friday. Some great music in this one, folks. Don't miss it!

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