Nominate Songs For The Dave’s Lounge 2013 Yearbook!

When I planned out episode #100 of Dave's Lounge, I wanted to include input from the listeners. The end result was a two-episode mix of all the listeners' favorite tunes. It worked out so well that I decided to do it again a year later, resulting in the 2008 Yearbook. It's been a part of the show ever since.

Therefore, with 2013 coming to a close, it's time to start compiling the 2013 Yearbook — an extra-long mix featuring the favorite songs of Dave's Lounge listeners from all of this year's shows.

Want to be a part of the mix? Just post a comment on this page with your favorite three songs that you heard on Dave's Lounge in the year 2013. I'll take your submissions and compile them into a nice long end-of-year mix that will carry you through until the lounge re-opens again in 2014.

Two things:

  1. Don't worry about what anyone else has posted. I want to know what your three favorites are from this year.
  2. Bands and artists cannot nominate themselves. I've let this slide somewhat in the past. Not this year. Sorry.

For more updates on the show, follow me on Twitter. (@daveslounge) And as always, thank you for listening, and thank you for supporting Dave's Lounge.

9 thoughts on “Nominate Songs For The Dave’s Lounge 2013 Yearbook!

  1. Alina Baraz and Galimatias, “Drift”
    Kraak & Smaak (feat. Ben Westbeech) “Stay (Live)”
    Pillowfight, “You’re So Pretty”

  2. 1. Mouchette, “Everyday”
    2. Quadraphonic Sound Project, “You’re Already Gone”
    3. Softwaver, “How soon can you be here”

  3. 1. Losing Rays, “One Day (Morning Mix)”
    2. Joshua Wentz, “Calm Me Down”
    3. Bonobo (feat. Cornelia), “Pieces”

    Looking forward to the final mix 🙂

  4. Motif, featuring Naemi Joy “One More Time” because I love her voice,
    Wah! “Brazil” because I’ll be traveling there next summer,
    and Karmacoda “Epic” from your all request show, I’m pretty sure I requested it, because it might be my favorite song ever.

    1. Since Wah! and Karmacoda’s tracks were pre-2013, I’ll honorably mention:
      ID3, featuring Soundmouse “Window Seat”
      The Shanghai Restoration Project, featuring Zhang Le “The Wandering Songstress”

  5. Too many to choose from and I am sure I am missing some great tracks but here is three….

    Leaving Richmond,These Photographs Prove We Were Happy
    Bonobo (feat. Grey Reverend),First Fires
    DJ Unwind,Mannequin

  6. I’m listening to your pocdasts out of order, so I’m just now voting. I don’t care if it’s too late.
    Natalie Walker: Lost My Shoulder (this might have been 2014)
    Astronaut Wife: Pedestal

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