Dave’s Lounge #278

Dave's Lounge Music Podcast #278

I've never had an opportunity to play music from Tosca on this show, and I should thank the good folks at the Co-Sign Collective for helping me change that. Tosca has announced some upcoming tour dates in North America. Check out their web site for more details.

Also, in addition to Bitcoin, Dave's Lounge now accepts tips and donations in Dogecoin as well. Go here to find out how to tip, and if you're not a fellow shibe yet, look here for more info. To the moon!

Playlist for Dave's Lounge #278:

  1. Ego Ella May, “Underwater”  Free download from:Bandcamp
  2. Tosca, “What If”  Buy from: iTunes
  3. Moon On Fire, “In You In Me”  Buy from: iTunes
  4. Julien Auclair, “Rêve Opale”  Listen at: Soundcloud
  5. Thomas Lemmer, “Blissful Mind”  Buy from: iTunes
  6. Tree Bosier, “20”  Buy from: iTunes
  7. Bryan Ford, “Shoe Tree”  Buy from: iTunes | Beatport
  8. Eddie Shinn, “Scope”  Buy from: Bandcamp
  9. Virtual Proximity, “Warm Freeze”  Free download from: Bandcamp
  10. Taras Bazeev, “Kashtanka”  Buy from: iTunes
  11. Lunarbeam feat. Marija Trapkiewicz, “Panic”  Buy from: iTunes
  12. Malekà, “Holes In The Sky (feat. Gianluigi Capasso)”  Buy from: Bandcamp

Don't forget to tell me your favorite song from this week's show in the comments below!

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Enjoy the show!

Dave's Lounge #278


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